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Turf Monthly is back for a new generation of thoroughbred fans

One of Australia’s premier thoroughbred horse racing magazines is now available online. Continuing a tradition that started almost 70 years ago, Turf Monthly is again ready to be an important part of the racing industry. Generations of racing fans grew up with Turf Monthly and its passing left a large hole in the genre.

“Like a lot of people, I grew up with the great publications like Turf Monthly and Racetrack magazines. Time moves on and there were lots of reasons that these magazines sadly ended. They served a great purpose though, and I am excited to be able to bring Turf Monthly back. History is so important, and every horse now racing in Australia owes their very existence to the wonderful horses that came before. We need to understand that these horses are a lot more than just names in a pedigree, and Turf Monthly will bring these legends of racing and breeding to a new generation of enthusiasts,” said Ross Prowd, principal of Turf Monthly.

“One of the wonderful sides of technology is that we are now able to show videos of a lot of these horses that are hard to get hold of. There is nothing like being able to see a horse race even if on video to understand them a little better. It gives us an opportunity to really connect with the champions of the past, both on the track and in the breeding barn. We also don’t forget some of the colourful and larger than life identities that make up the racing industry. We are grateful for everyone that has helped us find some of this footage, and we look forward to bringing new and important stories into the future.”

Product Availability

Turf Monthly is now available as a digital product through international magazine distributers, Zinio and local distributers like I-Subscribe. The Turf Monthly App is available for download on all devices. It can be found in the App Store for Apple users, GooglePlay or can be downloaded from the link on this website. The magazine together with back editions and some free articles are available at ISSUU -

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