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Like many people over a certain age, I grew up with some of the great racing magazines and papers. The Sportsman, that I was lucky enough to write for over many years was the weekly go to in many households for the form. Each month we waited eagerly for the monthly magazines like Turf Monthly and Racetrack to appear on the shelves. Sadly, these are just a memory, but I believe that there is still a place for history, and a monthly magazine that fills a need that some of these old publications met. In the modern era, there are wonderful websites giving up to date information that a magazine, or even a newspaper cannot compete with. So we here at the new rebirth of something resembling Turf Monthly look at creating an online magazine that just might excite some passion in racing. We have such a rich history that to lose any of it is devastating. We hope to bring a new way of looking at old things.

The magazine

on 1 October 2020. If you want a short preview please click on the link below. If you are interested in advertising in the magazine, call Ross on 0412 712 181 for details.